Export Сonsulting

Our export consultations are a key to your success in foreign markets!

Management Consulting

Sometimes small and medium-sized businesses face uncertainty and limitations in their production and commercial activities. We invite companies to improve their businesses with our managerial and technical advice.

We offer:

  • Audit of marketing and production functions in your company;
  • Strategy development, operational planning and financial modeling of your business;
  • Improvement of marketing activities, technologies, food safety, research and development, etc.

Commercial Agency


Export Promotion

We act as agents of Ukrainian producers of agri-food products and represent their interests abroad. Ukrainian enterprises turn to us to organize the sale of their goods for export, and we search for potential customers, and then connect Ukrainian exporters with importers around the world. We can provide you with full support from marketing research to entering target markets, negotiating with potential counterparties, concluding transactions and organizing the execution of orders.


Subcontract Manufacturing

We have considerable experience in the processing of fruit and berry raw materials. If you are a farm or supplier of natural raw materials and want to try to process it into semi-finished products or value-added products, we can help you with this and advise responsible enterprises or involve in existing supply and export chains. The main services of contract processing of berries, fruits and vegetables include the following operations: freezing, cutting or grinding, mechanical cleaning, manual inspection, electronic optical or laser sorting, freeze drying, air drying, packaging.


Search of Suppliers and Procurement Outsourcing

We organize supply of food and food ingredients from Ukraine and neighboring countries on demand or upon the order of our foreign partners. We acquaint international buyers with the Ukrainian market, provide support with verification and accreditation of potential suppliers, specify operational details, accompany from the conclusion of the contract to the placement and execution of the order.


Quality and Safety Inspection

Foreign clients also contact us with requests to organize audits and inspections to verify the quality and safety management system of food industry enterprises. We offer audits and checks according to the customer’s plan, and we can also offer an inspection service at the final stage of production and during loading or unloading operations.


Customs Clearance and Logistics

Export-import activities of our clients very often require involvement of the services of customs brokers, international freight forwarders, transport companies, warehouse hubs. We will be happy to help you in finding the best offers in the market of logistics and customs brokerage services.


Commercial Representation

Ukraine also imports certain products from abroad, and we can help foreign manufacturers in promoting sales in our country. If you produce products and ingredients of plant origin, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your plans for the development of new markets.


Our partners today are agricultural, processing and trading enterprises of Ukraine, Europe and some other countries of the world, suppliers of equipment, materials and raw materials, providers of logistic, certification, marketing, customs clearance services, etc. We invite you to join our affiliate network at the link.

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