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About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of certified export consultants from Ukraine. We met back in 2019 during training, and in 2021-22 we developed and launched the course “Export Academy 2022”. We came from different professional sectors and gathered 30+ years of practical experience in export, which we will be happy to pass on to you.

What do we do?

We explore foreign markets, develop export roadmaps and accompany you on the path of international sales!

What will you get?

Knowledge of foreign markets, understanding how to develop your commercial activities abroad, and, most importantly, increasing profits from export sales!

Our experts

Galyna Perepelytsya

Certified consultant and trainer with 18 years of experience

Specialization – export educational programmes, comprehensive support for entering new foreign markets from research to strategy and its implementation, determining the compliance of products with market requirements.

Maryna Maltseva

Trainer of the Export Academy 2022

Focus – organization of launch and sale of products (mainly food industry) in new markets, including EU, the UK, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.

Max Belozyorov

Certified export consultant

Professional specialization – analysis of production and sales, strategy and operational planning, conducting foreign trade activities, agency representation. Market focus – agribusiness, food industry.

Dmytro Prokopchuk

Specialist in international trade with 10 years of experience

Specializes in export sales management, market research and logistics in machine-building, HVAC, food and woodworking industries.

Maryna Farafonova

Certified export consultant

Focus – research of foreign markets, online trading, marketing and communications (including social networks)

Why with us?


High quality

We guarantee high quality thanks to our practical diverse experience and systematic approach.


Stable price

We guarantee stable price, which we fix at the time of signing the contract


Reliable execution of the order

We agree on the necessary research content or scope of work


Comfortable service

We will hear and understand your problems, because we ourselves have repeatedly put on the boots of an export manager, we understand production, sales, marketing, logistics, etc.



You will save your time and money for other things



You will not make mistakes from a lack of information and skills

Why export?

Thanks to exporting you will be able to:

Export Consultancy

How to export correctly and systematically? We recommend you the following 6 steps and explain why this approach will be useful to you


Choice of an export market

Usually, the choice of the export market is the first step in the implementation of export activities. You or we answer the question “Why this country?” and make our arguments.

If you have made such a choice yourself, we will be able to express our point of view by analyzing the attractiveness of the market , taking into account the available data on market growth, competition level, legal requirements, customer requirements, trends and prices.

Next, we can offer other markets with potential and prepare their rating. We can conduct a short or extended market research to support our ideas about market potential. You will learn the pros and cons for the market, our recommendations and will be able to make market choices based on analytical data.


Market research

If you have already selected some markets, we assume that you have obtained a market analytical report that you can share even with us so that we can add our information if necessary or update it over time.

If market research has not been conducted, we will prepare short reports on trade statistics specifically for your product in the target market. And we can expand the report with consistent qualitative and quantitative topics, including – Trends, Competitors, Consumers, Value Chain, Pricing, etc.


Foreign Market Entry

It is possible that you have already identified some importers in the target market. If so, we can assess their potential, visit them and negotiate on your behalf (valid for certain geographic markets).

We may also discuss with you your goals and strategy and whether certain importers fit into it and match the profile of your target customer.

If the above has not been done, we can choose for you a model of entering the market based on the assessment of the parameters of cooperation with importers, agents, distributors, retailers. In addition, we will provide an assessment of risks and financial aspects. As a result, you will get the most suitable business model for entering the market.


Export Strategy and Marketing

The overall strategy will be based on market research and internal analysis of the production and marketing functions of the enterprise. After understanding the attractiveness of institutional and/ or end-user segments, we shall confirm the choice of a sales channel / market segment for targeting (that is, who do we want to sell to?). And then we will be able to offer a solution in positioning your unique OFFER, which will need to be updated in accordance with the needs of the market segment.

Understanding the profiles and requirements of consumers will allow you to fine-tune your marketing strategy online and offline. We will be able to prepare a set of branding and marketing guidelines, monitor the setting of technical tasks and the choice of marketing agencies for activities related to certain local markets.

Based on a coherent strategy, we will build your operational plan and, in particular, your export plan to selected markets (see next step).


Export Plan Development

We assume that you will reach the export plan development station with an already prepared strategy and understanding of the needs and requirements of the export target market.

At the stage of strategy fromulation we assume that the analysis of your production and marketing readiness for export has already been made, and then we shall adapt and prepare your human resources, finances, processes, products, services, etc. for operational activities. We will be happy to support you in developing a business plan, including sales forecast and budget for operational expenses and capital investments.


Export Operations Support

If you do not hire an export manager, we will be able to support you in everyday operations. You can count on us in the following:

  • from lead generation to client negotiations to contracting;
  • marketing activities and its analysis;
  • participation in exhibitions and trade missions;
  • product adaptation (rules, aspects of quality, quantity, packaging, labeling, pricing, etc.);
  • logistics (routes, forms, calculations, product quality control, etc.);
  • customs clearance (set of documents, customs procedures).

What will you get?

We would agree in accordance with your request.



analytical report, presentation, resume, question-and-answer session



Consultations, recommendations, ideas and prospects



Roadmap with planned steps or business plan



Report on audit results

Client Feedback

Our Partners

We develop export of small and medium-sized companies, promote their products and services in international markets. And public and private institutions, entrepreneur clubs, international technical assistance and grant support programs, educational courses, etc. help us with this. Join our network as well!


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