Getting ready to launch SMOOTHIE+: Ambient natural smoothies with great taste and superior nutrition through planet-friendly technology innovation

We welcome you to join our new development project.


Idea and our advantages

The world is changing, and with it our needs and wishes change.
Today we strive to be happy and wealthy, to taste our favorite products anywhere and at any time of the year, to use green technologies to save the planet, to be responsible to society, to take care of our beloved ones, etc.
New trends motivated us to implement an innovative investment project “SMOOTHI +” – namely, to introduce a new technology for the production of innovative plant-based ingredients and products.

New: technology, products, ingredients.

Advantages of Technology

Advantages of Smoothie+

Our Advantages:


Market knowledge

A thorough understanding of external factors, namely the needs of the market and the blue niches of the possible use of new technology


Commercial experience

Experience in successful sales of plant-based ingredients in international markets


Multifaceted analysis

A full analysis of the technical, commercial and financial aspects of the project


Production experience

Experience in launching similar projects into production


Scientific support

Comprehensive scientific and consulting support in Ukraine, Europe and North America


Strong motivation

Determination and willingness to reach success

Mission & Vision

Our mission:

We develop smoothies that surpass fresh fruit and meet consumer demand in any season!

Our vision:

We will create unrivaled plant-based products and ingredients to make our consumers happy, our business and its partners prosperous, and the planet cleaner!

Our slogan:

Better fresh!


Max Belozyorov


Vasyl Sagan


Vasyl Hryvnyak


Roadmap of the project


We investigated the needs of consumers and the planet.


We attracted the support of scientific consultants and the team.


We studied the available traditional and innovative technologies. We compared them and chose the most promising (according to cost of investment, energy consumption, processing efficiency).


Conducted "garage" tests. Received the first samples of products.


Now we are in the process of developing a prototype of pilot equipment.


We plan preparation and launch of pilot production.


Further development of the market and sales for maximum utilization of production capacity.


Improvement and optimization of technology and business. Development of new products. Preparation of production expansion.


Launch of full-scale production and sales increase in regions and segments



Questions & Answers

First of all, these are fruit smoothies, juice, purees or paste, processed at the “molecular level” and packaged for storage at room temperature. These products are comparable in quality to products obtained after cold pressing or blending.

Our product is not afraid of rapid deterioration, does not need cooling or freezing. The product is convenient to transport and easy to eat or use as an ingredient. Indicators of nutrients sometimes exceed those even in fresh fruits, which is due to the peculiarities of additional release of useful elements during processing. If we talk, for example, about the berries of the Vaccinium species, then our smoothie receives additional nutrients crushed to the molecular level, among which there are polyphenols, polyunsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids.

Our smoothie or juice retains the maximum taste, aroma and nutritional value of fresh products. It has not been subjected to high-temperature processing and we do not use artificial substances to improve taste or nutritional value. It also does not need to be stored or transported at a low temperature as is the case with chilled and frozen food.

We briefly call our technology “turbo flow”, when several specially designed pieces of equipment form a production line for the “molecular” processing of plant substances in the stream. The use of “flow” technology allows to optimize the production process, reduce the amount of equipment, creates prerequisites for environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, waste-free on the entire chain from farm to fork. Our technology also has a significant impact on the fruit product itself, exposing it to simultaneous homogenization and minimal pasteurization, contributing to the preservation and release of nutrients, creating further opportunities for mixing food ingredients.

We are confident that we will be able to convince our consumers to partially replace fresh plant products in their diet with our new “hybrids” – processed fruits, but no less healthy and tasty than fresh ones. In this way, we will be able to reduce energy costs to maintain the cold chain all the way from the harvest site to the consumer’s table (refrigerated containers and trucks, refrigerators in storage warehouses, cooled display cases in supermarkets, etc.). Also, in case of processing at place, the problem of transporting excess weight in the form of peel or seeds also disappears (the pulp of certain fruits weighs less than the total weight of the fruit by about 10-40 percent).

In addition, we are convinced that consumers of processed fruits will choose our products among other similar ones. We have already indicated the advantages earlier, and as for planet preservation, it is worth noting the reduction of energy consumption and the reduction of carbon emissions due to the absence of low-temperature or high-temperature processing, reduced electricity consumption, because a production line with a minimum number of modules is used, etc.

We plan to establish close contacts with farmers and wholesale suppliers of plant products for processing, this will enable farmers to receive guaranteed sales at attractive prices in the future, which will contribute to the growth of well-being in the community. The products themselves will benefit society in a broad sense, it will enable new customers to apply useful ingredients in their products and dishes, and possibly push to develop their own business.


Who may be interested and who we are looking for


Consumers and customers

We create our products for consumers who value tasty, convenient and healthy food, take care of their health and health of their children, joyfully spend time with family and friends. Our products are for bright and caring personalities, for those who care about the community and the ecology of the planet. You can always have
our fruit products and ingredients on hand to enjoy a bright summer
flavor at any time of the year. Further, your own imagination or recipes from culinary sites and
books will be your guide in the inspired creation of delicious dishes and
drinks – a smoothie, nectar, cocktail, lemonade, tea, ice cream, sauce, dessert,
yogurt or pastry.

We are ready to listen to the wishes and preferences of professional clients of the service industry and the catering sector (HoReCa) – chefs, confectioners, bartenders, food designers, culinary bloggers. Our culinary customers will be able to try both traditional and new products, or develop new recipes based on our ingredients for their own needs.

We also invite technologists from various branches of the food industry – dairy and confectionery, ice cream and beverage production, various enterprises for further processing of plant raw materials, including cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, nutrition.


Investors and sponsors

Our investors will certainly be interested in the possibilities of participating in a new project. We will be happy to discuss our plans, and in case of participation in the project we guarantee keeping mutually beneficial relationships, financial attractiveness and transparent reporting.


Farmers and suppliers

We strive for open cooperation with our suppliers of fruit and veg, because we understand how difficult it is for farmers to grow high-quality, tasty and safe berries, fruits, vegetables. If you are a manufacturer or supplier of raw materials, equipment, packaging materials, works and services for the food industry, we will be glad to hear your offers.


Professionals and workers

We plan to increase our team, and if you dream of interesting and responsible work in production, commerce, quality or development department, by all means send your resume and motivation letter.

Write to us

We will definitely contact you soon to discuss the details of cooperation!

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